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Welcome P.S. 398Q Families!

Actualizado: 21 de jun de 2019

Hello! I am Principal Erica Ureña-Thus. As I meet with each new member of our school community, I become more excited about my commitment to our new school.

Likewise, every family I met with has shared their excitement and commitment to our partnership, with many watching the development daily. I shared my educational philosophy, the premise of which our school’s core values are based upon; that ALL children can L.E.A.R.N. regardless of their abilities, ethnicity, or advantage. I truly believe that ALL students excel academically when we build their self-esteem and confidence in their identities. Our school honors our differences and acknowledges that each member is equally important in the development of our education. Students learn early on the value of perspective and are encouraged to think differently, critically, be creative and communicate daily with their peers. Developing students’ abilities to connect across lines of differences is what empowers students as agents of change and development. We all believe our children should receive a high-level education that will prepare them for their future.

I also shared my belief, that when a child is happy and feels enthusiastic about coming to school he/she will L.E.A.R.N. and succeed academically. Children will strive to do their best, even when faced with challenges, when they are encouraged to make mistakes and grow from their experiences. Our children gain the confidence needed to develop to their highest potential when they develop a growth mindset. I cannot wait to hear lively busy classrooms that are fostering new ideas.

Recognizing that multiple voices and perspectives is what makes us an asset to others; I would like to end with an invitation to the families of our P.S. 398 school community to join our “New School Community Conversations Group”. We will meet regularly to ensure that multiple voices and ideas are represented informing the design and development of

PS 398 Q.

I’m looking forward to our continuous collaboration.

Respectfully yours,

Mrs. Erica Ureña-Thus

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